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About Central

History of Central and Our Beliefs

Central Church was established in the heart of Bakersfield in 1954. Led by J.D. Rothwell as Minister and Stan Blackburn, Earl Warford, and Boyce Gilliland as Elders.

In 1998 the church made a decision to build a new building on the then vacant field on the south side of the property.

In the year 1999 construction on our new building was completed. Most of the former building was torn down. We kept one building named "Timberlake Hall" named after a former member. The building is now used for several outreach programs. Our new facility was and is a blessing and we strive to use it as a tool for outreach to the neighborhood around us.

Since the mid 90's, we have gone through numerous changes. One notable change is the change to our name. We went from Central Church of Christ, to Central Church, A church of Christ. We felt that we were one church of many, so calling ourselves A church of Christ let us share this belief with the neighborhood. 

In 2009 we made the biggest change in Central's history. The traditional church of Christ beliefs are very strict when it comes to the way you worship God in the Church. A Capella has been the only acceptable way. A Capella is "All Vocal" meaning only vocal singing and no instruments. But, in 2009 with the direction of Jason Turner, Central added an Instrumental service. This decision, in part, was to reach out toward the younger generation who enjoy drums, guitars, and a louder style of worship. Obviously being a church of Christ this decision caused some to leave Central, but we also gained members that we never would have prior to this new service. We still maintain our traditional A Capella service each Sunday and strive to hold true to the church of Christ beliefs while moving in a forward direction. 

In 2013 Central members came together and raised $35,000+ to install solar panels on our building. This move allowed us to take the thousands of dollars we spend yearly to PG&E and apply that money to our various ministries. 

In 2014 Central went through a vast makeover. The entire Worship Center and Entry was painted and given a modern re-design. The stage was given new lighting and the exterior flower beds were stripped bare and replanted. 

At Central we are a tight knit family and we are always looking to grow our family. We are not here to please other churches or church leaders. We are here for one reason and that reason is worshiping God. We want you to be a part of this, whatever your background, lifestyle, or race, we will welcome you. 

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. We believe there is only one God, and only through Him may we enter Heaven. We believe that the Bible is inspired by the word of God. We believe that the Church is the body of Christ and we also believe in Baptism for the remission of our sins.

The Church is led by Elders, served by Deacons, and promotes ministry involvement by all believers. Current and former Elders have continued to make wise financial decisions and with all the changes we still manage to be debt free.

Central Church Elders
Mike Dover
Harold Foster

Central Church Deacons
Morgan Clayton
David Everett
Gary Powers
LaRoyce Savage
Jim Young

Our Ministries


Children's Ministry


Youth Ministry


Worship Ministry


Women's Ministry


Men's Ministry


Outreach Ministry


425 South H Street
Bakersfield, CA 93304


Phone: (661) 834-7464                   
Fax: (661) 832-7464

Sunday Morning Worship

Worship- 9:30A
Class- 11:15A

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